Rebuild New Orleans. Resurrect Lives.

Help Us To Build a Strong and More Sustainable Model of Family and Community in the New Orleans East and Uptown Areas.
Donate To Our Rebuilding Project

Support One Of New Orleans’ Greatest Inner City Empowerment Catalysts in Their Rebuilding Efforts

Our Greater Works and Family Life Center in Uptown New Orleans and New Orleans East Parent-Child Center will serve as catalysts in the community – offering hope, stability, and spiritual guidance. 

Our mission is to empower the disenfranchised people of these communities by providing access to quality, success-geared learning opportunities and/or assistance in the culinary, cleaning, science, reading, technology, art, business, and psychological sectors, led by heart-centered professionals. 

With times changing so drastically right before our eyes, we must come together to build a strong and more sustainable model of family and community, not only for ourselves but for many generations to come. In effort to provide a solution and to continue impacting the people of this area, we are launching our new building fund initiative. Your seed will help us to ensure that the lives we touch will have a #GreaterFuture!


As God has instructed us to “repair the breach, and restore the streets” (Isaiah 58:12),
we are endeavoring to do just that.

In order for things to grow, we must plant seeds.